Baserappers? A Cooperstown delight

Straight Outta Cooperstown takes baseball cards to a whole other level. By replacing the faces of Hall of Famers with the faces of rap legends the two industries are cleverly combined.  Although with technology today it is not difficult to photoshop the face of one individual onto the body of another, Cori Johnson and Zac Miller take the extra step to not only make the cards humorous, but meaningful as well. The two men dig deeper into the identities of both the players and the rappers to produce such a creative end result. Because nowhere on the site or the card is the actual names

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FIFA’s Blatter & The Money Shower

With the numerous accusations and investigations occurring within the FIFA world, FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently held a press conference to announce that he is resigning from his position. Sepp Blatter has been president since June of 1998, but has come to the decision to quit his presidency in attempts to save the face of FIFA and regain its credibility. Blatter along with many other FIFA officials have been accused of accepting numerous bribes and are being investigated for various offenses. The U.S. department of Justice charged officials for accepting millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for FiFA broadcast rights. This set fire to

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UFC190 Rousey vs. Correia: A 34 second topic.

Tonight was a solid night of UFC fights, but the sparks weren't coming from the men’s fights. UFC 190's co-main event pitted Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia fighting for the Women’s Bantamweight title, in which Rhonda was defending her title. In a typical Rousey sub-minute 1st round win, ironically, Bethe had mentioned that Ronda doesn't use her arms/punches enough, although this time the Arm Collector certainly showed Correia. The hype and buzz were centered on the fight, stemmed from the comments that Bethe made back in May about Ronda's father committing suicide when she was a young girl. Bethe's headlines were a supposed joked  "I hope she doesn't kill

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The 4 W’s of the Doha Sports Forum

Many people enjoy watching and playing sports, but there is so much more to sports. This is where Doha Goal Forums comes in. Well the overlying question here is, what is Doha Goal Forums? The best way to put it is that it is global leaders trying to create social improvement through sports by creating cross-border initiatives. Notable global leaders such as Tokyo Sexwale, who is the former Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa, but other global leaders of many different industries unrelated to sports came to speak such as Michel Combes, Janet Froetscher, Della Baeza, and Richard Attias,

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March Madness Brackets

With March Madness here what better way than getting your personal bracket ready than by taking a peak of some professional athletes’ brackets who are participating in an exclusive charity fundraiser. “Charity Madness” hosted by FantasyHub is an online fantasy sports site that utilizes games as contests for organizations like charities. Approximately 26 professional athletes like Bo Jackson, LoLo Jones, and Albert Puljos  take part in the charity challenge by personalizing prizes for winning contestants, while FantasyHub then forwards a donation to a charity for every bracket that is entered. The rules of the game are, each professional athlete that is participating will host his

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Training at Alliance MMA with George Castro

Meet George Castro - and see what it takes to train with the likes of Brand Vera, Dominic Cruz and even the talented NFL's Vincent Brown  aside from many more. MMA Trainer George Castro steps us through his growth, hardships and what he looks to in the future. "Who cares what anybody else thinks. If you want to do it, just go and do it. I have such a crazy up and down past life that I've lived. I don't regret anything I've been through, but I know just with hard work and keeping your eye on the goal,

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In Landon’s Honor

With the help of more clubs, worldwide player attention, and the rebranding, the MLS is getting a facelift. Amidst the changes the LA Galaxy has astonished its fans with a 5th MLS cup win, making it the first soccer franchise to reach this feat. In addition, Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy's #10 will be retiring this year. Landon's soccer career has spanned far and national, always with great esteem . Cheers to 5 Landon, and the LA Galaxy!

“How To” muay thai fighting stance with world champion & mother: Julie Kitchen

It's always good to be prepared. The no. 1 ladies Muay Thai Boxing Champion from Cornwall, UK Julie Kitchen holds 14x World titles. She is a fighter, trainer, ambassador for Muay Thai Womens Boxing and mother of twin daughters Amber and Allaya aged 13 yrs. Who by the way are both british no1. As an ambassador for Muay Thai Boxing, Jule is especially encouraging women to get involved and achieve their goals even when facing adversity. Butterflies also have a special meaning to her. To read more visit or to get an Inside Look from her husband and trainer

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Gabrielle Union Video Bombs Dwayne Wade. Ouch!

If you ever thought having your parents cheering you on at your high school or college games was embarrassing try being an NBA player with a wife that sits court side and can be heard a mile away. Some would say that the spousal support court side is great and encouraging while others would say it’s severely annoying. NBA player Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat banded his celebrity wife Gabriel Union from sitting court side after her one to many times of coaching on the side lines got out of hand. Fans reported that she would yell at the referees, heckle the opposing team, and

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Metal Mulisha’s Larry Linkogle has a family business about beer & wine. Cheers!

Metal Mulisha co-founder Larry Linkogle, professional motocross rider has grown up around dirt, bikes and you guessed The Briar Rose Winery where Larry grew up and Metal Mulisha started, is where you can enjoy award winning wine while you watch Larry and friends rip backflips off 30ft high jumps in the backyard. Kid's don't drink and ride. Learn a bit more as to what makes up the Linkogle family business as they launch a never before seen wine that acts like a beer called Talking Frog. For more info on the Briar Rose Winery tours and tastings:  

Tobin Heath Scarfs Lamar Hunt Statue for the 4th of July Celebration

Wondering what others are doing for the 4th of July? Better yet, what some of our professional athletes will be doing? Well today as many Americans are celebrating the birth of our nation, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup silver medalist Tobin Heath will be scarfing the Lamar Hunt Statue at the FC Dallas Stadium in Texas. There is great significance in the scarfing of the Lamar Hunt Statue in the sports community as it pays tribute to a man that made a profound impact in the sports world. Lamar Hunt was a huge sports promoter as he

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A Sport of Royalty: Mark Hunter Rowing

Historical evidence has supported the claim that the sport of rowing appeared as early as the 13th century in Europe. A sport of prestige, rowing, became noticed by royalty and the upper class. Henley, England, is considered the mecca of rowing after Prince Albert became the patron of the Henley Regatta in 1851.  Ever since then, the Henley Regatta has been considered a traditionally "royal" event. AlthetesLiveHere was able to chat with 2x British Olympic Rowing Medalist and 3x World Champion Rowing Medalist,  who has also won three Henley Royal Regatta titles.   ALH: How did you get into rowing?

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